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Ayaka Sayama _ Hot girl Japan

Ayaka Sayama (佐山 彩香 Sayama Ayaka?) is a is a Japanese gravure idol born on May 17, 1993 (aged 18) in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Sayama has brown hair and eyes, is 157 cm tall, and her blood type is A. Her hobbies include listening to music, and she is a talented tongue-twister reciter. In terms of qualifications, she has 3 class Eiken (English proficiency level 3). She has four brothers.

Important releases include:
Koh-Boh vol.9 Mook(Magagine-book)series with DVD (2009, December 3, Kaiousha(Bunkasha)) ISBN-10: 479646025X ISBN-13: 978-4796460255
1st DVD "PURE SMILE" (November 20, 2009, Takeshobo)
1st Photo "AYA" (2009, October 24, Saibunkan)
Young Magazine (2009 release on September 28)
Sabra (2009, December 25)
@ misty (2009,August 28)

TV appearances include:
Zenryokuzaka(Full-speed Slope) (July 27, 2010 Aug 4.24 Sun, TV Asahi)
God-tongue(September 22, 2010, TV Tokyo) - " Geinoukai Kirejo Jyuku(The Corrently Snapping Seminar for the Idol-talent Girls)" vol.4
Rank Oukoku(Kingdom of Ranking) (2010, December 4, TBS)

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